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Poker Tournament Formula 2

Poker Tournament Formula 2

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"There are few books that substantially increase a players chances of winning tournaments. This powerful work is one of them. I recommend you get this book." - Doyle Brunson, Two-time WSOP Champion.


Probably the greatest tournament poker book ever written and the most controversial in the last decade. Arnold Snyder's revolutionary work debunks commonly (and falsely) held beliefs. You'll learn why so many players today think wrong, play wrong-and lose-and how to completely change your game to get results. Snyder reveals the power of chip utility, the big secret behind winning tournaments. He also covers utility ranks, tournament phases and structures, small- and long-ball strategies, patience factors, and how to crush the Harringbot and other player types.

In this long-awaited companion book to Poker tournament Formula, Snyder tears apart the conventional thinking on poker tournament strategies, and reveals for the first time what the top pros really are doing. If you've got the heart and the guts-and with this book, you'll now have the knowledge-you may soon be able to join their ranks.
Learn pro tools, strategies, concepts

The five easy steals and using attack dynamics - The pros' Big Secret - How to play small ball and long ball-and when! - How to domiate opponents with a big stack - How and When to shift gears and how to play a rush - Short-handed strategies - Why it's a mistake to use pot odds in a tournament - How blind structures affect optimal strategy

Arnold Snyder is a gambling legend revered by millions of players who have made money from his advice. He consistently ranks in the top 5 percent of professional tournament poker players and is the author of the sensational companion book, Poker Tournament Formula.

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